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About Revily

Imagine trying to stop credit card fraud or identity theft without technology. At best, the effort would require thousands of full-time experts and at worst, it would be impossible. Sadly, this paradigm describes the reality of the recent effort to identify and prevent election theft in America. 


This is why we have created Revily. Revily is to Election Theft what LifeLock is to Identity Theft- a software platform that identifies suspicious anomalies, validates the suspicions with data science and direct investigation, and then empowers stakeholders with automatic alerts, interactive data visualization tools, and sophisticated report and list building features. 


OUR Founders

Our founders our committed to redefining the meaning of political data to help facilitate the industry's transition from "voter files" to "the data necessary to achieve your political outcomes."

In addition to our efforts to secure accurate elections, Revily is the parent company of Wick- a technology company that facilitates faster, more affordable opinion research. Wick was recently recognized as the #1155 fastest grown company in America by Inc. Magazine. 


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